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  Early Drug Testing - Suppliers of Professional Diagnostic Tests and Services
Welcome to Early Drug Testing, a trading division of AngelScope®. We are a provider of reliable, cost effective and easy to use drug and alcohol tests for professional and home users. Angelscope® is a trusted supplier to UK Police forces and the NHS and provide training courses to cover employee drug and alcohol testing in the workplace. Most products are available for immediate dispatch in unmarked packaging by 1st Class recorded delivery - please allow up to 48 hours.
Local Clients are welcome to pick up their orders on the same day from our London Office. We hold a limited amount of stock so please call first and speak to one of our advisors on 020 7498 0102. Please note that all prices shown are ex VAT which will be added at the PayPal checkout.
DNA and Clinic Services Alcohol Strip Tests Alcoholwatch Scheme Alcohol Breath Test Drink Spike Bottle Stoppers
DNA/Clinic Services   Alcohol Strip Tests   Alcoholwatch™   Alcohol Detectors   Spikey Drink Stopper
Single Drug Tests Multi Drug Urine Tests Cannabis Tests Professional Drug Tests Saliva Drug Tests
Single Drug Tests   Multi Drug Tests   THC Test Strips 50ng   Professional Packs   Saliva Drug Tests
Alco-Sensor FST Digital Breathalyser Cotinine/Nicotine Saliva Tests Single Marijuana/Cannabis Drug Tests Cotinine/Nicotine Urine Tests AL 6000 Digital Breathalyser
Alco-Sensor FST   COT Saliva Tests   THC Ultra Test 25g   COT Urine Test   AL6000 Breathalyser
Garrett Super Scanner Wand Metal Detector Single Cocaine/Crack Drug Tests GC/MS Laboratory Testing Single Ecstasy Drug Tests Training Courses at Angelscope
Garrett Scanner   Cocaine/Crack   GC/MS Lab Testing   Ecstasy Drug Tests   Training Courses

Early Drug Testing by AngelScope®, supply Single Drug Test Strips, Oral Saliva Drug Tests; Urine Drug Tests; Home Drug Test Kits; Breathalyses, Alcohol Tests and Alcohol Saliva Strips. Where appropriate all our tests are FDA and CE approved, ISO 9001 accredited or EN 46001 certified.

Every effort is made to ensure the complete accuracy of our website and advertising, however some prices/details contained on the website, advertising brochures or leaflets may change from time to time. We will do our best to inform you at the earliest opportunity of any changes or variations when you order. All products are subject to availability and stock items will be shipped immediately on payment.
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